About Well Capitalized

Well Capitalized is a project in partial fulfillment of Saint Mary's University's Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management. The intent of the Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management - and the related Master's in Co-operative Management - is to "cultivate a deep understanding of co-operatives, credit unions and mutuals, within a globalized, online curriculum". 

Well Capitalized represents the final project for the program, functioning as a capstone of 14 months of course work in a final research-driven project.  In the above picture you see the 20 members of the 2015 cohort that began work on their degrees in August 2015.  I am grateful to them all for their contributions to my learning and for their grace, kindness, and friendship.

About Me

My name is Josh Noble and I work at Unity Credit Union in Unity, SK.  I hold my Bachelor's in Psychology from The King's University (Edmonton) and my Masters of Arts in Communications and Technology from University of Alberta. My graduate work at Saint Mary's is intended to round out my academic background by giving me a specialized background in the functioning of co-operatives.

In my role as Manager of Innovation at Unity Credit Union, I oversee technology, marketing, and process change.  I am passionate about co-operatives and believe that they play an essential role in fostering democracy, social justice, and social capital - all hallmarks of vibrant communities.